Sodium Hydrosulphite

JJ fine Chemicals are one of the most reputed and renowned firm in the industry of supplying the best grade chemicals to our customers. We here deliver the products in desired quantity of chemical products in desired time, we have severalreputed big names as our vendors. Sodium hydrosulphite is one of ore best products and most sold one too.Sodium Hydrosulphite is the universal reducing agent which is used for indigo dyeing. These are the non aggressive alternative bleach used to remove color from dyed fabrics and whitening antique textiles. This Sodium Hydrosulphite is also known as sodium dithionite , it is in white crystalline powder material and had sulfurous odor. It decomposes in hot water and in acid solutions but it remains stable in air. Sodium dithionite is a reductive bleaching chemical. It is supplied as dry powder and the aqueous solution is typically stored in closed tanks with nitrogen pad. JJ Fine Chemicals is located in Hyderabad is supplying the best range of Sodium Hydrosulphite chemical in reasonable prices.

Sodium Sulphate

We are one of the most applauded and appreciated firm in the trading industry of chemicals. WE supply wide range of chemicals with the best quality to quarters of the state. We are the traders of several prominent manufacturing brands. Now we have Sodium Sulphate for sale in our firm. These Sodium Sulphate is in white solid form and are highly soluble in water. Sodium Sulphate is used to make detergents and paper pulping and it has wide applications in many industries. Compared to many other chemicals it has very low acute toxicity as per the human date survey. And on the flip side it causes irritation to your skin , eyes, mouth and lungs. And this chemicals causes acne for the people with sensitive skin. So avoid making it contact with eyes and skin. And it should be stored in a dry place which is free from moisture. JJ Fine Chemicals produce the best quality of Sodium Sulphate in any quantity with reasonable prices.

Sodium and Calcium Chloride

JJ Fine Chemicals is one of the most sought out name in trading industry of chemicals. We are the traders of several qualified chemicals from various branded vendors. Our vendors are from various prominent manufacturing brands. Both sodium and calcium chloride are the salts of sodium and calcium , calcium chloride chemical formula is CaCl2 and sodium chloride chemical form NaCl both sodium chloride and calcium chlorides are salt compounds. Calcium Chloride is highly hygroscopic and meanwhile sodium chloride cannot absorb water vapour from air. Calcium Chloride’s melting point is around 772 to 775  and boiling point is 801, At the same time Sodium Chloride’s melting point is 1935 and boiling point is 1413. Both Sodium chloride and Calcium Chloride are salt compounds and  are alkaline, both of these compounds have chloride ions in their structures with different ratios. We can supply the premium grade Sodium and Calcium chloride chemicals in any quantities in affordable prices.