Ethyl Acetate

JJ Fine Chemicals is one of the fine traders of various kinds of chemicals. Here we supply the best quality of chemicals and deliver them on time. We are the traders of best quality of Ethyl Acetate in Hyderabad. Ethyl Acetate is mainly used as a solvent in many industries, especially Ethyl Acetate is used as a solvent in paint industry, Perfume industries and , lacquers and cleaning mixtures. This chemical is colorless liquid hassweet odorand is used in glues and nail polish removers and in tea and coffee decaffeination process. Ethyl Acetate can irritate the skin, eyes, throat and nose. And exposing to higher levels may also leads to pass out or feel dizzy.And Ethyl Acetate is most common ester in wine. Ethyl Acetate is extremely flammable with the flashpoint of-4 degree Centigrade and also it is highly miscible with all common organic solvents. This chemical naturally found in fruits and this is the reason why it has sweet smell . These Ethyl Acetate is found in Pineapples, sweet oranges and in lower concentration of safflowers and also can be detected in oxheart, cabbages ,peaches and chervils but not quantified in it. JJ Fine Chemicals has several prestigious names as vendors and we have the best product quality available with market’s best price.