Chloroform Chemical

JJ Fine Chemicals is one of the most renowned and trustable firm in the industry of chemicals. We here supply the best quality of chemicals for sale with quality assurance. Now we are the traders of the Chloroform from various prominent manufacturing firms. Chloroform is also known as trichloromethane , it is an organic compound. It is colourless liquid which has strong smell, it is used to precursor various refrigerants. Chloroform is used as a solvent and as a substance that helps other substances dissolve. This chemical is used in paper, board and building industries. And it is also used asa polishes, resins, alkaloids, oil and rubber industries. Chloroform also causes progressive central nervous system depression and causes nausea. Here in JJ Fine Chemicals we produce the best grade of chloroform along with quality assurance. And we were well appreciated for our timely delivery, we always were on time and that helped us to become a successful organization. We delivers best quality of materials in market’s best price.

Ammonium Chloride

We are the renowned traders of chemical products in Hyderabad, we here deal with all kinds of chemicals for sale. We have vendors from various reputed manufacturing firms. And JJ Fine Chemicals always produce the best out of the market for our customers.Now we have Ammonium chloride for sale in our organization. Ammonium chloride is an inorganic compound which has NH4CL, and it is in white crystalline salt like structures and that are highly soluble in water. These ammonium chlorides are mildly acidic and is naturally observed in mineralogic form and it is also called as sal ammoniac. Ammonium chloride is used as the nitrogen supply in fertilizers and as electrolytes in dry cells. And these are extensively usedas a constituent of galvanizing, tinning and to remover adhesion of the solders these are used in soldering fluxes to remove oxide coatings. Ammonium Chloride is mildly harmful it causes irritation and difficulties in breathing and headache. We here offers the best range of Ammonium chloride for sale in our store for reasonable prices.

Methylene Chloride For Pharmaceutical Industry

JJ Fine chemicals is one of the best and prominent firms in the state which has fine quality of chemicals with valid prescription. We were predominantly known for our quality services and products. We have the best grade of chemicals which had came from the prominent names from manufacturing industries. We here can supply the wide range of Methylene Chloride for sale in our firm. Methylene Chloride is used in pharmaceutical industries as it is used to manufacture several capsules, and these chemicals has many medical properties which is used to add power to the medicines. These methylene chloride is used as an effective reaction ha d wide usage in pharma industries. It is are-crystalline solvent in the extraction of several pharmaceutical compounds and used in making antibiotics and vitamins. Other than pharma industry these methylene chloride is used in paint stripping, paint remover and metal cleaning. We here have wide range of methylene chloride available for sale in reasonable prices.