Chloro Acetic Acid

JJ fine Chemicals is one among the most renowned and trustable firms in the manufacturing of chemicals. We were appreciated by our client’s and customers for our quality and services, and we have vendors from several reputed manufacturing companies. Chloroacetic Acid is one of the mostsold and appreciated product of ours ,Chloroacetic acid is white to light brown sand like material. This chemical is used to make dyes and other chemicals, and it also acts as herbicide and disinfectant. It is one of the hazardous material which is mentioned in the substance list it is cited in DOT,DEP,NFPA and EPA. Chloroacetic Acid is made by hydrolysing trichloroethylene in the presence of sulfuric acid. This Chloroacetic acid is 100 times more stronger as an acid than acetic acid. We here supply the best quality of Chloroacetic acid for sale in reasonable prices.