Boric and Citric Acid

We are one of the best in the trading industry of chemicals, we here produce wide varieties of chemicals with quality assurance. We have tied up with several qualified premium manufacturing industries and from there we get the best of the products. Serving our customers with the market’s best chemical products made us what we are today. We are now ventured into supplying Boric and Citric acid. Boric Acid is an antiseptic chemical which is commonly used. Additionally boric acid is an insecticide and neutron absorber and flame retardant. It exists in the form of colorless crystals or white powder which is easily dissolved in water. On the other hand Citric Acid is an organic compound ,it is colorless and weak organic acid. This citric acid is most commonly found in citrus fruits like lemon and limes. A manufactured form of Citric acid is mostly used as an additive in food and nutritional supplements and as a cleaning agent too. JJ Fine Chemicals have the premium quality of both Boric and Citric acid for sale in market’s leading price.

Phosphoric Acid

Phosphoric Acid is also called as Orthophosphoric acid. This phosphoric Acid is mainly used in the preparation of albumin derivatives and in sugar industries. Phosphoric Acid is a component of fertilizers and house cleaning products. It is also used in food additives and used in adding acidic properties to soft drinks and to store the prepared food. It is also used in water treatment products too, and also used in sugar industries. It is weak acid and the pure compound chemical is colorless. And phosphoric acid is an effective rust remover also, it makes rust to form that may dissolve in water. On the flip side phosphoric acid is dangerous in the case of skin and eye contact, and the chemical can cause damage to skin, eyes and respiratory system also. JJ Fine chemicals is one of the most trustable trading firm in the industry of chemicals. We supply all varieties of chemicals with high on quality and we deliver our products on time. We have several prominent manufacturing firms as our vendors. We supply best range of phosphoric acid for sale in market’s best price.