Acetic Acid

Acetic Acid is one of the most sold chemical in JJ Fine chemicals. JJ Fine Chemicals are the traders of the best vendors in the market, quality is our core. Acetic Acid is also called as ethylic acid, Vinegar acid, and ethanoic acid. Acetic acid is a by product of fermentation, and gives vinegar its characteristic odour. Vinegar is about 4-6% acetic acid in water. Acetic Acid is used in the preparation of metal acetates, used in some printing processes. Vinyl acetate is used in the production of plastics and cellulose acetate is used in the making off textiles and photographic films. Acetic acid is toxic by inhalation and more quantity exposure may cause irritation to eyes, throat and nose. And at the same time acetic acid has antifungal and anti bacterial properties which helps to keep away bacteria and fungus from skin. Acetic Acid in vapour form is dangerous as it causes irritation to eyes, mucous membranes and skin. CH₃COOH is the chemical formula of acetic acid. JJ fine chemicals can produce the best quality of Acetic Acid for sale in market’s leading price..

Country of OriginMade in India
Pack TypeCan
Pack Size30Litre
Boiling Point189.3DegreeC